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About Us

The idea for Attaché Arrivals was borne out of a trip I took to 27 countries in 2013. From Bangkok and Colombo to London and New York, I found myself running the same errands over and over, often on little sleep and a lot of jetlag.

Landing in a new country only to find yourself running errands in the airport or getting ripped off by people a little too eager to help you didn't really appeal to me, so I looked into how to streamline an arrival so that people could walk off the plane, get connected, and know exactly where they needed to go and how to get there.

From there, I've been putting together arrival kits, with exactly those things I kept searching for, sent to your house before you leave. I hope to make your first experience in a new country as seamless as it is to arrive in your home airport.


If you like what you see, or have any recommendations for improvement, send me an email at eric@attachearrivals.com 

We're also really interested in putting together custom packages for groups, particularly for study abroad and conference attendees. If you are a coordinator, feel free to reach out and we'll talk about how we can customize an arrival specifically for your group!